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Info from eBay (updated 2017-03-03)

This is a collection of mentions of comic book bondage scenes from various eBay auctions.  I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of them, but I expect that they are mostly accurate.  I've edited out irrelevant stuff like book condition, but ill phrasing, bad spelling, and promiscuous capitalization is generally direct from the auctions.

If you can verify any of these mentions (or supply scans) email me!

- Covers

1984 #1 - A Warren Magazine - June 1978 Issue - Adult Illustrated Fantasy. All issues have NUDE and BONDAGE art throughout.

A1 Comics #78 - Thunda King Of The Congo #4 1953 Magazine Enterprises publication that featured these wonderful stories of the Congo Jungle with Thunda. Also Cave Girl in a story that features Bondage and Sacrifice to false gods. Story artwork by Powell.

Abbott And Costello #19, August, 1953. Jungle Girl Art, Giant Snake, Bondage Panels

Adam Warren Sketchbook All you Adam Warren fans know what this book is about! Originally published in Japan and sold in 1996, only a few copies have made it into the United States. The book features 132 pages of sketches of the Dirty Pair, Gen 13, and various anime characters. Thez illustrations are divided into these sections: Dirty Pair, Japanimation, Bondage A Go-Go, and Other Projects.

Al Capp's Wolf Gal #1 Bondage,Headlights and Skimpy Dress! And that's just the first story!

Amethyst Princess Of The Gem World 1-12 Lmtd Series. Mild Bondage Themes.

Atomic Comics #2. Bondage panels by Matt Baker

Barbarienne #1 (1988; Harrier Comics) Bizarre little b&w 28 page comic (no ads) which stars the title character and her little friend, Memree (who's kept tied and shackled in a dungeon) in a story called The Girl in the Iron Gag. It seems Barbarienne & Memree, when not involved in B&D scenarios, must defeat the rubber suited and masked dominatrix that's calling the shots. Comic includes nudity and is suggested for mature readers.

Bare Bones -- Premiere Issue Dec 1997 Infantino, P. & Scoleri, J. New Fanzine: Includes Lovisi On Vintage Paperback Bondage Art, Bill Crider Interview, More. $ 3.50

Barron Storey's Tales from the Edge 1994 Summer Special published by Vanguard Comics. Bookshelf format. Contributions by Paul Lee, Bonny To, Fernando Ramirez, John Kuramoto, and more. The first story "Fetish", art by Paul Lee (also did cover) is about the S&M bondage club scene.

Batman Legends of the Dark Knight 24, 25 & 26. Complete full three issue story featuring Batman battling a Nazi inspired woman. Story has a Nazi theme with heavy sexual overtones of bondage, lust and a hint of incest. Scripted by Howard Chaykin and Gil Kane.

Best Of DC Digest #17 Supergirl interior bondage scenes - nf

Bettie Page Spicy Adventure comic from Dark Horse published in January 1997. Our favorite pinup gal has many spicy adventures some of which Bettie in bondage.

Bill Boyd Western #23 (last issue) 1952 Fawcett publication that features William Boyd the Hopalong Cassidy star in three stories.One includes hanging the others includes bondage. - nf

Black Cat Comics #10! This exciting comic was copyright 1947 by Harvey. It features great crime/mystery stories, with excellent Lee Elias artwork throughout! Includes an awesome large title panel with Black Cat in bondage on a horse --with a noose around her neck!

Black Cat Mystery #40 - October 1952 issue. A Harvey warehouse copy, this book contains bondage and whipping panels, spear through neck, and a monster called "Doomsday"

Black Dominion #2 published in 1993 by Anubis Press. This rare collection of bondage pin-ups features a two rare Kabuki pin-ups by David Mack (one shown plus another more risqué bondage piece). This issue also features the work of Dimitrios Patelis (cover), Mark Beachum, Sandra Chang, Guy Davis, Jason Justice, Paul Way, Frank Forte, Michael Bair, and many more.

Black Phantom #1 (A-1 #122) 1954 Magazine Ent. Frank Bolle draws three Black Phantom adventures: "The Unholy Trio", "The Nothing Bandit", and "Satan's Sheriff" with a little good girl bondage.

BLAZING BATTLE TALES #1[One of the Scarcest issues, by this publisher! Great Thorne NAZI cover; Art by Severin, McWilliams, Sparling!Intro SGT HAWK! Tortured Girl bondage panel!

Blonde Phantom #12. Multiple bondage panels. First issue of title

Blonde Phantom #22 Interior blonde phantom in bondage panels.

Blue Beetle #12 1942 Fox. This features a bondage cover with very un-politically correct Japanese soldiers as well. Contents includes a few bondage panels similar to cover.

Blue Beetle #55, Fox 1948. Incredible art by Jack Kamen and Matt Baker. Sexy females, bondage, murder, torture, all the great stuff!!

Blue Beetle #56, Extreme violence! A Seduction of the Innocent book in high grade. Includes bondage, lots of murder, good-girl art and crime.

Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B #4 1950 An awesome human spider cover introduces an extraordinary issue with extreme female bondage inside! In fact, two splash pages and various panels are devoted to ladies in awful distress. In "The Death Saw," Bobby is bound on a log with the beautiful Miss Brayne (Perils Of Pauline style), while The Lemonade Kid's splash page finds two women bound in separate nets by the hideous human spider!

Bomber #1 Rare Eisner-Iger Classic Utilizing Great Early Good Girl Art Spring, 1944 ! Features Wonder Boy By Jerry Maxwell Features Beautiful Good Girl Art ! Peewee And Bobby Comic Strips By S.M. Iger (Bobby Features Children Being Hung In Bondage By Ropes) ! Kid Dixon Featuring GGA And Bondage By Bob Reynolds, Grimm Ghost Spotter By Don Weaver Featuring Fabulous GGA Kismet Man Of Fate Vs The Nazis (Features Bondage, Whipping Scene And Blood Dripping From Nazi Hands )! Published By Elliott Publishing ! Publisher S.M. Iger And Bob Farrell

Boy Comics #102 1954 Lev gleason publication that featured Charles Biro's stories. this issue has two Crimebuster stories, Rocky X (Bondage) and Sniffer and IRON JAW. No bondage on cover.

Brave & the Bold #166 1980 starring the Batman & Black Canary. Here's a shocker ... the Canary is captured, stripped down to her underwear & tied up by the corpulent, leering Penguin & his goons.

Bruce Gentry #8 - good girl art with bondage panels and Baker/Kamen type art.

Cadaver #1. Tim Tyler produced this through his company Fathom back in 1993. This is an ADULT only comic. It contains sex,nudity, bondage,rape, murder, depravity, and more sex.

Camp Comics # 1. Dell Comics Most Risque Title! Hard To Believe Dell Comics Ever Produced ! Whitman Produced This At Peak Of WWII With The Service Man In Mind..Check Out The Cover With The Girls Bare Bottom Shown! Insides Loaded With Good Girl Art...Hose, Heels, Bondage, Etc.

Cat #1 of 2 (Malibu Comics 1991 by Martin Lodewijk and Bart Van Erkel--nudity/bondage)

Checkmate #10 DC has bondage related cover or inside pages

Cindy #35 1949 this issue has spanking(not Cindy), bondage (Cindy!), tight blouses and headlights!

Clair Voyant #2 Good bondage panels

Classics Illustrated #40 HRN 75. "Mysteries" by Edgar Allen Poe. One of the more difficult to find issues. Nice bondage/torture cover.

Clive Barker Hellraiser Featuring a great cover by Ted McKeever Gruesome torture front and end piece illustrations by Nicholas Jainschigg interior illustrations by John Van Fleet and Bill Koeb

Combat Kelly #1 Nov 1951. First appearance of Seoul city Sue. Pin-up / Bondage panels.

Comics Journal 61 This issue features: Gil Kane cover Miller Wonder Woman back cover Wonder Woman bondage fan art

Cow Puncher#7. Interior bondage panels.

Crime Cases # 9 - woman in bondage on FC, TIMELY/ATLAS

Crime Smashers #12 from Trojan Magazines. It also has female bondage panels, Good girl art, and an injury to eye panel.

Crime SuspenStories #15 (reprint) has bondage related cover or inside pages

Dagar Desert Hawk #16 A woman is injected with shrinking solution by the Antmen, then she is tied to stakes in the desert and eaten alive by ants until nothing but her skeleton remains.

Dagar Desert Hawk #20. Great Fox Comic from1948! Cover to cover Good Girl Art with bondage, danger, and lots of headlights

Daredevil #11 - 1965. This issue has a few headlight and bondage panels.

Daredevil #207 (has a terrific bondage/mummification sequence).

Daring Adventures 12, great Phantom Lady reprint book. Reprints Phantom Lady 14 minus the splash page. Matt Baker artwork. Bondage panels all over the place, lingerie panels everywhere.

A Date With Millie #4 Has A Nice One Page "Millie In Bondage" Gag Strip By Decarlo.

Dave Stevens:Just Teasing PB Poster book by Dave Stevens Contains 16 detachable full-color prints of many women in different predicaments. Also includes a few BEAUTIFUL Bettie Page Pin-Ups (one normal, one bondage). All posters are 11 X 15

Double Impact Raising Hell # 1 Rough bondage in story

Durango Kid #4 1950 ME publication that features Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid. Also contains Dan Brand and Tipi by Frazetta in this story that has bondage and a provocatively dressed young lady!

Dynamic Comics #17 1946 Finally the ECHO, consistent with the great art theme of this book opens up with a splash page of a gangster coming with a hot poker at a bondaged scarlet dressed, shrieking lady tied to a box and chair. Needless to say the ECHO has to be a pretty slick hero to save this damsel in distress.This book was documented and illustrated in the classic comic witch-hunt book of the 1950s" Seduction Of The Innocent" which did a great deal to help get The COMIC CODE established. This is a truly key book in comic history.

Eerie #115 A Warren Magazine - October 1980 Issue All art by JOSE ORTIZ including Nude and Bondage panels.

Eerie #126 A Warren Magazine - November 1981 Issue Several nude and bondage panels by Maroto

Encyclopedia Of Comic Book Heroes Volume 2 : Wonder Woman From 1976, oversized softcover first print of the Wonder Woman Encyclopedia by Michael L. Fleisher. Out of print. Thick, packed with information and illustrations, from the bracelets of submission to Diana Prince, Paradise Island to Queen Desira of Venus. All referenced to the golden and silver age comics they appeared in. Many, many bondage scenes depicted and described.

Epic Illustrated #10 9. Marvel "Marada the She-Wolf" by Chris Claremont and John Bolton with nude and BONDAGE panels

Exciting Comics #58 Great Interiors Bondage Galore.

Famous Funnies #83 1941 the Skyroads tale has a stylized black woman (and a white woman being beaten while in bondage).

Fantastic Fears #03 Sept 1953 Ajax Stories include "Druid's Castle" with bondage and pagan sacrifice

Femforce #82 - Synn is shackled in 4 panels for 1 1/2 pages.

Femforce #87 - Almost all of the characters are in jeopardy from amusement park attractions gone awry.

Femforce #90 - Tara is rendered unconscious from behind by a knockout drug hypodermic needle. When she wakes, she finds herself caged and then released to be hunted. The story is nothing new (although a classic of b-movies) but the artwork is great and Tara's in danger throughout.

Femforce #97 - Page 2, 4: An unconscious Tara is about to be crushed by the Claw.

Femforce #98 - Cover: She-Cat tied to a table as a blade swings above her; Page 12, 23: She-Cat swoons from drugged wine and awakes to find herself in a scene from the Pit and the Pendulum.

Femforce #100 - Page 12: An unconscious Synn is abducted by space aliens.

Femforce #101 - Cover: A pummelled Miss Victory lies beaten on the ground; Page 25: same scene as cover.

Femforce #102 - Cover: She-Cat, Blue Bulleteer and Miss Victory bound to giant steel swastikas; Page 10: Miss Victory chained to a giant steel swastika; Page 16: Blue Bulleteer tied to a giant steel swastika as Lady Luger engages in target practice; Page 17: She-Cat strapped to a table, Blue Bulleteer's hands and feet are chained; Page 18: Miss Victory chained to giant steel swastika.

Femforce #103 - Title page: She-Cat and Nightveil (in civilian clothes) are bound to lab tables; Page 3: She-Cat bound to table; Page 4: Electrical current sent through table into Nightveil's body; Page 20-21: Nightveil strapped to table.

Femforce #107 - Page 8: Synn meets knockout gas; Page 9, 15: Synn strapped to a hospital gurney; Page 18-19: Nightveil ensnared; Page 21: Ms. Victory caught in a giant spiderweb.

Femforce #110 - Page 18-20: Ms. Victory knocked out with gas and bound by steel cable to a cypress stump to become food for an alligator.

Femforce #112 - Page 11-12: A wrecking ball slams into Ms. Victory's gut; Page 14-18: Rayda, She-Cat, and Ms. Victory are pummelled in a fight.

Femforce #115 - Artiste story, page 3: Stardust covered in sticky goo; Artiste story, page 8-9: Tara bound by leather straps; Back-up story, page 6: Nightveil being spanked.

Femforce #116 - Tara story, Page 4: Tara in the tentacled grip of a mutant gorilla is knocked out by sleeping gas from a giant flower; Tara story, Page 5: Tara strapped spread-eagle to a lab table; Nightveil story, Page 9: Nightveil being drowned, her head held underwater; Kraken story, page 17: Nightveil, in civilian clothes, lies on the floor having been knocked unconscious.

Femforce #117 - Title page: Nightveil chained to a stone wall, tentacle wrapped around her body and covering her mouth; Reprint story, page 3: Rio Rita knocked out by a glass bottle breaking over her head from behind; Reprint story, page 6: A net drops on Rio Rita; Reprint story, page 7: Rio Rita captured and hands tied behind her back.

Femforce #119 - !!! What can I say?

Femforce #120 - Page 4, 7: Rio Rita in grip of giant sorceress; Rio Rita prisoner in steel cage; Page 13: Miss Victory pounded face first into ground; Second back-up feature, page 4: Nightveil grabbed by serpentine shadows.

Femforce #121 - Cover: Miss Victory, Blue Bulleteer (She-Cat and Blonde Bomber) struggle to escape the grip of animated stone idols; Page 1: same scene as cover; page 2-3: Rio Rita prisoner in steel cage.

Femforce Special #2 - Rio Rita is in chains hanging upside down for a 3/4 splash and remains visibly bound for 3 more pages with several panels where she is the focus.

Femzine #2 - Page 19-20: Knockout gas renders Fanny Phantom unconscious; Page 22-23: The unconscious Fanny Phantom is dunked in quick drying plaster.

Femzine #3 - Yankee Girl story, Page 14-16: Yankee Girl is dragged underwater by electrified tendrils and mermaid warriors; Page 18: Starr Spangle is tied hanging upside down; Page 19: Starr Spangle is tied facing a buzz saw; Page 23: Yankee Girl tied to a missile; Nightveil story, page 4-7: Nightveil bound at the wrists by ropes hanging from the ceiling.

Fighting Fronts! #2. Harvey Comics 1952. "Extreme Violence issue" - Overstreet, pg 436, vol 30. Shot through the head, bondage, knife to the chest, grenade blowing soldiers to pieces.

Fighting Yank Issue 3 - lots of hypnotized jungle girls; several panels with a jungle heroine held captive with a chain around her neck. Cave Girl bound for sacrifice in 3 panels.

Fly #2 (7/1983; Red Circle/ Archie Pub; ALL-NEW material Color Comic) Girl in Bondage panels in solo FLY GIRL story!

Forbidden Worlds 10, October, 1952 This issue has a story that contains a bondage and an electrocution panel (see scan) - wild by ACG standards!

Four Color #173, Dell 1947 Flash Gordon, Great issue features bondage panels/spicy art.

Four-Star Spectacular #4 1976 DC Silver age, golden age reprints. Superboy art by John Sikela, Hawkman art by Murphy Anderson, Wonder Woman art by Harry G. Peter (and she's in bondage for half the story).

Gallant #20, published in 1949-1952 By Bell Features Of Canada. This is a full-color Canadian version of the FOX comic ZEGRA #2 (#1). This title is not listed in the Overstreet Price Guide OR pictured in the Gerber Photojournal! Behind that bizarre crucifixion cover (I don't see that bride being a "RUNAWAY"!), this book features the wild action of Fox jungle comics, including: Butchers Of Brazzonga - Strapped to an airplane propeller! Smashed to death by an elephant! The Runaway Bride - Bondage! Men in gorilla suits!

Gen 13 Bootleg #12. This issues was also known by fans as the Fairchild in bondage issue.

Ghost Manor #35 (2/78; Charlton Publications; Color Comic) Book-Length Murderous "Bloody Mermaid" cover & story, with Sanho Kim art! Semi-Nudity throughout story! Mermaid in bondage panels!

Ghostly Tales #135 1979 Charlton comics bondage art cover and inside 6 pages bondage art

Good Girl Art Quarterly #19 - Tara and Synn story, Page 1-2: A drugged Tara is tied to a giant slingshot and sent flying; Page 4-5: Tara is netted and tied across the track of a log flume ride. nf

Guns Against Gangsters Vol. 1, #3 L.B. Cole cover. Feature story "The Gunmaster" features light bondage and a gun to a woman's head. nf

Gunsmoke # 12 Bondage Cover nf

Hell-Rider #2, published in October 1971. Artists are Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Rich Buckler & Syd Shores, with Special Effects (?) by Bill Everett & Carlos Garzon. It is squarebound Great motorcycle superhero with a ton of Good Girl art & some bondage (mild) nf

Hi-Ho Comics #2 L.B. cole cover Cover story features Lil Chief Hot Shot battling World War II Japanese soldiers. Definitely a dated piece of memorabilia. Another story features one bondage panel. WWII Japanese soldiers capture an American Indian woman, tie her to a stake, hold a gun to her head, and demand information! nf

Hustler Magazine Nov-77 vol4no5 Carlton Haney profile Article on celebrity urine samples, Bondage artist Robert K Bishop with 6 drawings nf

Ironjaw #2 [Neal Adams Part Bondage Cover! Michael Fleisher Story! Nice Pablo Marcos Art! Girl In Bondage, Chained & Shredded Clothing Panels! Unicorn App!](1975; Atlas/Seaboard Pub; Color Comic) Near Forgotten, But Cool Sword & Sorcery Series, With Nice Good Girl Art!

International Insanity #1 1976. Wild humor mag contains "Featherweight in Love" (a chicken love story!) by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano, Dick & Jane in Bondage (skirts certain levels of taste) and "A Poke in Your Private Eye" (features all TV detectives-Kojak, Cannon, tons more) w/art by Russ Heath, Al Milgrom Abel and Austin.

Jack of Hearts #3 Bondage cover

Jim Silke's Rascals in Paradise #3 of 3 from Dark Horse. Magazine size issue helps feature the erotic Silke art. This episode is titled "Bound and Gagged" and features much of the same.

Johnny Hazard #6 (1948) Headlight panels abound in the book, as well as a couple of bondage panels.

Jo-Jo Congo King #15. 1948. This One Has Three Long Jo-Jo Stories Filled With Gga And Bondage By Kamen Or Someone Who Draws Like Him.

Jo Jo #18 Good bondage panels.

Jonas # 1 by Mike Deodato Jr. from Caliber Comics 1996 black and white. The cover features a woman tied to a tree being whipped by a man. The inside features the same scene only the woman is nude and is being whipped to death.

JSA #25 DC Comics, August 2001. This issue starts out with Hawkman and Hawkgirl, tied together, wingless and weaponless, in free fall.

Jumbo Comics #46, 1942 Fiction House. Beautiful Zolnerowich cover. Bondage, violence, headlights, racism, torture, and Sheena.

Jungle Adventures 2 (May 1971) Rare Key Skywald ! Good Girl Pre-Code Stories Include "The Strange Mission To Ormuz" Featuring The Origin Of Avon Comics' Slave Girl By Larsen ! Jo-Jo The Congo King By Jack Kamen Features Bondage Panels !

Jungle Comics #24. Fiction House 1941. Great Nazi War cover by Zolnerowich, also plenty of Good Girl, Headlight and bondage, racist zombies, and torture.

Jungle Comics #137 - Kaanga's tale, which has Ann in several extraordinary panels, plus one of the Golden Age's most extreme bondage images - that of a beautiful blond woman in torn clothes bound to four stakes in spread-eagle fashion!

Jungle Jo #2. Fox. Bondage and Gagged.

Jungle Town Comics #21. Canadian Edition of "Rulah Comics", about 1950. Classic Good Girl stories with plenty of bondage etc.

Justice League of America #81 June 1970. Written by Denny O' Neil. Jean Loring spends most of this book tied up.

Justice League Of America #114, A DC 100 Page Super Spectacular , three stories featuring a Wonder Woman cave woman cover, a Wonder Woman bondage scene (interior)

Kelly Green #3 by Stan Drake & Leonard Starr Dargaud, 1983 - "The Million Dollar Hit"  Kelly winds up tied to a cabin bed and being tortured by a couple of pyscho hitmen.

Kid Cowboy #1. Ziff-Davis publishers, 1950. with lots of bondage and killing!

Killers #1. 1947. Story Mr Zin, the Hatchet Killer by Paul Parker Has Female Bondage. Mentioned in Seduction of the Innocent pages 179-180.

King Comics #8 November 1936. Brick Bradford's tale, set in the center of the earth, includes drugs, a green-skinned humanoid, and the stunningly beautiful Drusilla in various revealing harem-style outfits, as well as in bondage.

King Kong comics 1990-91. Monster Comics Featuring covers by Dave Stevens, Mark Schultz and William Stout with beautiful woman, KingKong, T-Rex, and great scenes. The interior artwork is done by Donald Simpson and takes you on an island adventure with dinosaurs, giant insects, crazed villagers, bondage, damsel in distress, with King Kong at the center , battling many other creatures.

Knockout Adventures #1, 1954 bondage panels.

Lash Larue Western #12 1951 Fawcett 52 page publication that features the movie star called the King of the BullWhip in four adventures, bondage involved and lots of whipping!!!

Lash Larue Western #26 1952 Fawcett publication that features the movie star called the King of the BullWhip in three adventures, bondage involved and lots of whipping!!!

Lorna,The Jungle Queen #3 1953 Atlas publication that features Lorna the Jungle Queen in three stories the first of which finds Lorna bound to a stake by an Evil Ruler in cohorts with Communists!

Lorna #9 from Atlas. Bondage and GGA galore.

Lorna #11 from Atlas. Bondage and GGA galore.

Lost in Space 12 In this issue, Doctor Smith plots to commit sabotage by blowing up the Jupiter 2. Penny accidentally stumbles upon his plan. Unfortunately for her, she is found out. The requisite bondage panels follow with her bound, gagged, and ultimately tossed into a pool of quicksand, and much dramatic tension ensues.

Malu in the Land of Adventure #1, 1964, Slave girl comics, bondage, suggestive poses, good girl art.

Manhunt #11. Magazine Enterprises 1948. Frazetta artwork, with one wild panel with a man and his horse being blown apart by dynamite. Violence, Good Good, Bad Girl, and Bondage - The first appearance and the start of "Kirk, of Scotland Yard" and a great L.B. Cole "Red Fox" story with nice "Bad Girl" artwork

Mara Celtic Shamaness #6 from Eros Comix. This is one wild comic! Lots of nudity, sexual situations, bondage, and more! Excellent stuff! This is an excellent bondage cover!

Marvel Family #84 1953 Fawcett publication that features Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior, in one 4 part story as a team! All end up bound and destined for Death at the hands of Sivana!

Master Comics #77 1947 Nyoka spends part of her jungle tale in bondage.

Master of Kung-Fu # 116 , 1982 Bondage Cover

Metal Hurlant #5 1976 french magazine… and a bondage story by Russ Heath !!!

Midnight Tales #12 (4/75; Charlton Publications; Color Comic) Great Dragon Cover! Wayne Howard Cover & 10 Pgs Art! All-New Stories & Art; Abominable Snowmen/Yeti-S, With Slave Girl & Bondage Panel

Mighty Mouse #29 - November 1951 issue. See Pearl Pureheart in bondage!

Millie The Model #13 Millie in bondage! Hedy in fishnets!

Miss America V1 #5 Timely This issue features an often overlooked appearance of the Timely superheroine Miss America. It's a great 14 pager with a few bondage panels and hypo panels thrown in for good measure

Modern Comics # 61 by Quality 1st page is a great BONDAGE whipping which BH interrupts.

Ms. Tree Quarterly #8 published by DC Comics. Ms Tree's hands and feet were taped up and she was gagged with tape around her head. She was tough because she killed the bad guy while bound, gagged and pregnant. As a second bonus, the issue had a second story about King Farraday, an old DC spy character, that had a treatment. His assistant was kidnapped. He finds her tied up and tape gagged.

Mysteries Weird and Strange #3. Bondage, lingerie, blood, corpses... this one's got it all!

Mysterious Adventures #2 Story Comics - Bondage & Gore!

Mysterious Adventures 6 - Splash page has a woman in bondage being set on fire!

National Lampoon Encyclopedia Of Humor There Is A Fantastic 11 Page Cowgirls At War Comic By Russ Heath Which Features Sadistic Nude Bondage Between Two Cowgirls As They Fight The Nazis!

New Comics #9 - beautiful Sungrid captured by The Vikings and placed into various types of bondage!

Ninja High School #33 by Eternity comics 1990's Cover features blonde character chained. Manga art.

Nyoka the Jungle Girl #10 Fawcett 1947. Nyoka meets dinosaurs in first story; the second is classic pre-code mad scientist cavern of horrors male & female bondage and torture story, and includes the incomparable Nyoka in various bondage scenes (she lived in a rough world).

Nyoka The Jungle Girl #38, December 1949. See Nyoka escape while tied up and trapped in a sealed cave with an angry lion (she dodges his attack at the last instant, he cracks his noggin on the stone wall and falls to the ground unconscious or dead, then she uses his claws to cut her bonds - COOL!)

Nyoka The Jungle Girl #42, 1950 Fawcett. Two 3-part stories in this 52 page book... 6 chapters in all. Lots of bondage....3 girls tied up in first story!

Nyoka The Jungle Girl #73 1952 Book-length adventure with NYOKA vs the Jungle goddess. Great Fawcett comic from 1952, with super bondage, skulls, weird stuff going on and lots of jungle action!

One-Fisted Tales issues 6 through 9 from Slave Labor Comics. These are some wild comics! Lots of nudity, sexual situations, bondage, and more!

Out of the Night #3 from the 1950s. Classic horror cover. Interior white pages with good color. This issue features light bondage and good girl art.

Outlaws #3 Awesome bondage panels inside.

Peril on the High Seas #1 Atlantis Comics has bondage related cover or inside pages

Pioneer Picture Stories 1 #1 Dec 1941 "politically incorrect" story: "Red Warriors in Blackface" with some early "good girl art" and bondage

Police #104 Feb. 1951 Quality Comics. This is the 2nd issue of this title in the crime format after Plastic Man and other costumed hero strips were discontinued. Several bondage panels in the T-Man story

Police Comics #107 - August 1951 issue. Shrunken head story with Ken Shannon. Reed Crandall art. This book has it all... violence, bondage and horror... (cover not bondage)

Rampaging Hulk Magazine #7 (2/1978)"Night of the soul stealer/Wraith!" = Moench script, with Keith Pollard & Jim Mooney = 32 page story, with woman in BONDAGE panels!

Rampaging Hulk Magazine #9 (6/1978) Shanna The She-Devil Art Pinup Portfolio = Nice Good Girl Art By Tony De Zuniga = 4 Pages! Shanna Solo Story = Steve Gerber Story, With Tony Dezuniga Art = 18 Pages, Of Very Sexy Good Girl Art, Includes Bondage, Very Skimpy Clothing & More! Last Issue In B&W Series, Before Title Change!

Ranger Comics #37 194. It Features Bondage Panels And Is Bakers 2nd Issue.

Red Birch - Tops Comics- Bizarre small size comic from 1944. Contains headlight/bondage panels.

Robot Comics #0 Bob Burden 1987 Robots and babes and bondage and barrooms, you name it, all in the style of Burden's Flaming Carrot. Published by Renegade Comics.

Roy Rogers #80 Photo Cover 1954 A Nice Photo Cover Of Roy Getting Set To Pitch A Horseshoe introduces an impressive comic book. The interior is very detailed, and does a great job of presenting Roy's low key yet heroic nature. The lead story revolves around Roy and beautiful Barbara Deland, who wind up tied together in a cave!

Rulah #19 Oct. 1948. This one has it all Babes, Bondage, Torture, and Lingerie

Rulah #20 Multiple bondage panels

Select Detective #1 1948 Inside It! A Nicely Drawn Story By Matt Baker With A Lady In Bondage Is Featured, But Frankly, That Is Tame In Comparison With The Model Murder Case. This Begins With Two Young Women Who Return To Their Apartment To Discover Their Beautiful Roommate Dead With A Knife In Her Back, Her Lingerie So Disheveled That Her Breast Is Bare! We Have Been Collecting Comics For Over Forty Years And Cannot Remember Ever Seeing Any Other Such Panel In A Comic Book (Of A Beautiful Dead Woman With A Large Knife Embedded In Her Back And Her Breast Bare).

SENSATION COMICS #34 1944 Wonder Woman is strip-searched and placed in bondage in this issue.

Shadow v7 #3 Bondage Cover 1947 My, look at those heels she has on - she's certainly dressed for being tied to train tracks, isn't she? Anyway, great Powell bondage cover - quite a weird one

Shadow Comics #8 (1/41) From Street & Smith with killer Shadow comic story, great bondage GGA in the hooded wasp story.

Soldiers of Fortune #1 ACG. Stories include bondage panels and a little cross-dressing

Space: 1999 Comic Magazine #3 (March/1976; Charlton Pub; B&W Magazine; 68 pages; Issued without Comic Code Approval Symbol) Morrow Painted Cover art! With 4 pages of PHOTO'S & articles = The Moon, & Spores! Plus 2pg illustrated text story = The Lone satellite! ALL-NEW, Made for Comics, Story & Art; (1)"The Old Gods are not eternal"; (2)"Fly me to the Moon" ; (3) "The Dawn of Extinction"; Semi-Nudity & Bondage panels! Stories by Joe Gill, Nicola Cuti & Pellowski! Art by Gray Morrow, Ed Davis & A.Buylla!

Space Busters #1 1952 Inside lots of bondage panels, war, amazons, gladiators, "good girl art", sci-fi galore and lots of really dark eyeshadow!

Sparkling Stars #20. In another strip is a full page bondage scene with lurid detail on the girl.

Spirit The New Adventures #7. This is a great comic from Kitchen Sink comix. This comic features creators such as Paul Pope, Jay Stephens, Eddie Campbell, Gene Fama, Dennis Eichhorn, and more! Great bondage cover!

Spirit World Volume ! #1. Hampshire Distributors Limited. Interior art and stories by Jack "King" Kirby at his collage-creating best! Scantily-clad women in bondage, in addition to an Adolf Hitler feature.

Spitfire Comics #132 Was Published In 1944 By Malverne Herald. It Features Spitfire Sanders Female Spy With Bondage Panels,Whips And Hitler, Jungleman By Jim Holt Plus More.

Startling Comics #9 (1941) Bondage Cover! Here is a 1941 issue of Startling Comics featuring a great Captain Future cover with a blonde in bondage crashing into a bridge in a car.

Straight Arrow #11 1951 Original ME Comic from 1951, Fred Meagher Cover & story Art, story has a Gal in bondage on the 1st page in "The VALLEY of TIME"!

Strange Mysteries #1 September 1951 Superior Comics - The Blood Curse... Nice bondage splash panel! Bondage and torture panels.

Strange Mysteries #3 January 1952 Superior - Fleshless Horror ... Nice bondage splash panel! Brunette with torn blouse strapped upright on a table while skeleton woman is about to cut off her arm!

Strange Tales #174 Marvel Golem starts, bondage panel

Strange Worlds #3. 1951. Not Only Does It Feature 6 Great Artists, But This Book Has Gga On Nearly Every Page, And It's In Nice Shape, Too. Kinstler Cover, Art By Wood, Orlando, Frazetta, Krenkel, And Williamson. Lingerie Panels, Malu The Slave Girl, Bondage, Monsters, Gore

Strange Worlds #7. Avon, 1952. Fawcette, Becker, Alascia artwork....Kinstler artwork. Classic pre-code horror / science fiction....headlight, bondage, torture....

Strangers in Paradise Vol. 3 #1 (Francine & Katchoo surrounded by evil edition). This features a new cover with art by Terry Moore AND superhero artist Jim Lee (different from the Jim Lee back cover only seen in the regular edition of this issue), depicting our heroines tied up together and surrounded by super-villains!

Super Magician Comics #8. November 1942. Jack Binder Art. Bondage In First Story.

Tales Of Horror #2 Bondage (not on cover)

Tales of the Zombie #3 Vallejo cover. Feature story by Steve Gerber with art by Pablo Marcos with scantily clad priestesses and bondage/witch burning.

TARGET COMICS V7 #5 1946 Don Rico presents a wild installment of the continuing Gary Stark "Pirates' Gold" serial (with a monster, the beautiful native woman Panama in bondage

Terrifying Tales #15 L.B. Cole cover. Bondage whipping panels

Terrors Of Dracula #3 Was Published In 1979 By Modern Day Publishers, Back Cover Is Bright And Glossy With A Great Dracula/Frankenstein/Werewolf Girl In Bondage Picture!

Terrors of the Jungle #10 - September 1954; last issue of the run. Another great L.B. Cole cover and Jay Disbrow art. This book has it all... GGA, bondage, violence, mayhem, etc.

Terrors Of The Jungle #18 Lb Cole 1952 The extraordinary interior features three Jo-Jo tales, all of which have beautiful, nearly nude women shown in extreme bondage...often about to be fed to a monster or tortured!

Terrors Of The Jungle #20 - Babes In Bondage

Tessie the Typist" #4, Fall 1945 by Timely/Marvel Comics. It features Good Girl type art with Tessie the Typist. One story has Tessie TIED-UP by the villains!

THB #5 Horse Press Inside: HR and Casey James are tied back to back in the helpless heroine pose by the wicked comic book publisher Mean Greene

Thrills Of Tomorrow #18) is Formally Tomb Of Terror and is from Harvey Publications, Has Powell art and Reprints Tomb Of Terror issue # 1. This book has Bondage Panels!

Thunda #4. Lots of GGA. Interior cave girl in bondage panels.

Thun'da King of the Congo #5. ME 1953. Powell artwork on this classic title. Bondage, violence and good girl.

New! Tip Topper #23 June-July 1953. Page full of neck irons, shackles, whips etc in the Li'l Abner slave trader story.

Tomb Of Dracula - Comics Magazine #2 (12/1979) DRACULA Comic story = "Dimensional Man" = Marv Wolfman story, with STEVE DITKO art = 36 page story! (Bondage panels!)

Undercover Girl #6 starring Starr Flagg, bondage inside and great cat fight! 1953

Undercover Girl #7. This a great book with a Powell cover and some good bondage and lingerie panels.

Vampirella #63, A Warren Magazine, Very Fine Condition (1977)***Great Sexy "bondage" Cover of Vampi with her arms tied behind her back and her bosum heaving!

Variety Comics (1950) Five Day Auction Only !! 132 Pg Fox Giant ! Fox Good Girls At The Company's High-Point !! Blue Beetle ! Jungle Lil ! Fox Giants Were Made Up Of 4 Regular Fox Comics Rebound Into One Comic !.Blue Beetle Features A Gga Torture Bondage Story " Appointment With Death

Voodoo #2 by Farrell Publications July 1952. The stories included are "Zombie Bride", "The Antilla Terror", "Witch Doctors...", "Death Trap"(text only), "Idol of Death!", and "Horror in the Hills!" bondage in story.

Web of Evil #10, Quality 1954. Nice Jack Cole artwork and skull cover..., "Death's Highway", "Spectre of Fate", "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" and "Cavern of the Doomed" Bondage, Torture

Weird Chills #2, Extreme Violence! Extremely Violent cover, listed in the guide. The book contains flogging, bondage, concentration camps, women being abused, brains on the floor... Adolf Hitler!

Weird Suspense #3 featuring Tarantula {Cursed By Spider Princess Of Cult} [Gargoyle Cover By Rich Buckler! Friedrich Story With Nice Pat Boyette Art! Girl Bondage At Stake Panels!] (1975; Atlas/Seaboard Pub

Weird War Tales #59 has a cover date of January 1978. It has an Alan Weiss cover and interior art by Ernie Chua and Romeo Tanghal & Frank McLaughlin. It also has a Russ Heath story that has a panel with a scantily clad female in bondage!

Western Crime-Busters #1 1950 Trojan publication that features SIX-Gun Smith, Wilma West, K-Bar-Kate and Fighting Bob Dalel! The artwork is distinctly in the HEADLIGHT style in all stories and Bondage of pretty girls in several!

Western Crime-Busters #4 Apr 1951 Blonde Wilma West is always getting tied into bondage

Western Crime Busters #8 "1951". Has some bondage panels

Western Frontier #3 / October 1951 / Approved PL Comics. Hard to find Golden Age Western comic featuring some Good Girl art and a little Bondage on the inside

Western Gunfighters #2, Trojan 1950. Chock full of pistol packing gals who seem to get tied up a lot.

Western Love #1 Randolph Scott Photo cover. July/Aug., '49. Photo cover features Randolph Scott and the beautiful Nancy Olson in scene from Canadian Pacific, which also starred Jane Wyatt. Bondage panels, Simon/Kirby art.

Western Thrillers #1, 1948 Fox Publishing. Classic Kamen Artwork, "Velvet Rose". Wild headlight panels, lingerie, woman shot through the heart, bondage, woman shot in the face, all women violence issue. This one has it all, and should have been featured in "The Seduction of the Innocent".

Whip Wilson #1 published by I.W. Enterprises. A gorgeous Everett Kinstler cover graces this issue. Nice interior art by other artists, too, including a girl in bondage splash panel

WILBUR Comics #35 (Feb./1951; Archie Magazine Pub; Original USA Color Comic) >>> Stories Include; (1) Wilbur - "Applied Psychology"; Boy Ties LINDA His Babysitter To Chair BONDAGE PANELS, & Does An Indian Dance Around Her

WINGS COMICS #68 Begins With A Dramatic Lee Elias Cover Of THE BANSHEE EXPRESS, which introduces a wide variety of important features inside. These range from Suicide Smith's beautiful friend Dale in repeated extreme bondage scenes to a stunning Fran Hopper pin-up splash page of the gorgeous Jane Martin in lingerie (she is posed in a frilly, matched-blue, bra + panties set). These images help to make this one of the wildest of all the Wings Comics.

Wings Comics #69 Origin 1946 - Wings Comics was the most important aviation title of the entire Golden Age, and #69 is an exceptional issue! It begins with a hardboiled, dramatic cover, which introduces a wide variety of important features inside. These range from Suicide Smith's beautiful friend Dale in repeated extreme bondage scenes (she manages to escape, though, and there is a gruesome panel of her burning the living villain to death!), to a horrendous panel of a woman in lingerie being graphically knifed in her throat (which then begins gushing blood!).

Wonder Boy #17 May 1955 And even though it's a CCA stuff- Baker's 9-pg intro story has babes bursting at the seams! The terrific Phantom Lady 5-pager has our favorite babe in bondage and groped by bad guy!

Wonder Woman #18 -1946 This very early H.G.Peter & Charles Moulton Wonder Woman issue has it all; Diana Prince, Steve Trevor, the Invisible Plane, our heroine in bondage, and much more. And it is a clean issue. Wonder Woman No.18, published by DC Comics in July-August, 1946

Wonder Woman #240 (February 1978) features a great Jose Luis Garcia Lopez cover. This issue a bondage panel where Wonder Woman is bound in chains with her arms behind her back!

Wonder Woman #296 - Bondage cover DC Comics - October 1982 Issue - Huntress Bonus Story Wonder Woman bondage cover. She spends the majority of the book strapped to a chair. [nf]

Wonder Woman #303 New Huntress bound and gagged [nf]

Wonder Woman #304 New Huntress bondage [nf]

Wonder Woman #305 I Has A Backup Story Of The Huntress (She's In Straitjacket Bondage The Entire Story)! [nf]

Wonder Woman #306 New Huntress bound and drugged. [nf]

Wonder Woman #309 Black Canary in bondage. [nf]

Wonder Woman #316 Huntress in bondage solo story [nf]

Wonder Woman #321 Wonder Woman in bondage, plus new Huntress in bondage solo story [nf]

X-Factor # 114 On the first page you see Storm from the X-Men tied to a machine in extraordinary pain. She screams, "The pain is killing me!" [nf]

Bonus - a few non-comic book mentions

The CD is of a LIVE performance by Sisters Of Mercy. It was recorded at The Hague, Netherlands on May 5, 1985. The title is "Dark, Depressed and Deadly". The CD contains 12 songs: Burn, Heartland, Body Soul, Anaconda, Walk Away, Emma, Floorshow, Adrenaline, Alice, Body Electric, Gimme Shelter, Sister Ray. The cover has a picture of a person in bondage, the back has a picture of a woman w/leather jacket pulled down her back.

Videos - This is the classic film "Mother Lode", where Charlton Heston both directs and acts in a dual role in this extraordinary action/adventure film (101 minutes/1982). Also Kim Basinger's famous bondage scene, where she's tied, gagged, and chased around the cabin with an axe.

A collection of thrillers that are full of sensual, psychological suspense.***TOYER-Gardner McKay(new HB)two adversaries couple in a seductive deathlock!!***BONDAGE-Patty Davis(HB) a seductive tale of domination.***THE HOUSE OF FORGETTING-Benjamin Alire Saenz (PB)A love hate relationship between captor and prisoner***BELLADONNA-Karen Moline (PB) A girl abducted into a ritual of domination and submission.***EYE CONTACT-Stephen Collins (PB)An erotic thriller***PRIVILEGED CONVERSATION-Evan Hunter(PB)Suspense and seduction-a crazed fan who's stalking a dancer***THE BONDMAID-Catherine Lim(PB)A young girl facing a life of slavery that includes servicing the House of Wu's pleasure-seeking guests.

Glitter Dome - Based on the novel by Joseph Waumbaugh (Onion Fields) starring James Garner, Margot Kidder and John Lithgow, this is a strange crime movie concerning Hollywood cops trying to solve the murder of a Hollywood producer and realizing just how sleazy this guy was. Strange movie in that has James Garner chomping out tough-guy lines while John Lithgow plays the over-sensitive cop to the hilt (he cries a lot). Margot Kidder as the drug abusing (although pot seems to be her drug of choice) wannabe actress has an interesting bondage scene with Garner that has to be seen to be believed.

Heart of Midnight (Movie)- Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as a troubled young woman who inherits a closed-down warehouse club from her uncle, who died of AIDS. It turns out to have been an S & M sex club with red walls, secret passages, and theme rooms

Sunday Comic from July 21,1935. The Dick Tracy side has Toby, former gun-moll bringing a message to Bookie Joe, a fight ensues, the hideout catches fire and poor Tess is tied up in the attic.

A Daughter Of Astrea By E.Phillips Oppenheim--1933--Economy Book League-Cleveland,Ohio---Softback With Dustjacket. Cover Is Girl With Hands And Feet Chained

Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist, written by Michael O'Donoghue & artwork by Frank Springer. Printed by Grove Press in 1969 (& never re-printed). It tells the story of a woman's adventures in the style of the old serials. Each chapter has her in a new predicament & a new bondage position.

10 Detective Aces July 44. Wild George Rozen cover has girl throwing a hand grenade. Moderate overall wear. Subscription crease, otherwise cover is flat. Browning of pages w/ mild flaking. Bond and gagged women in interior illustrations.

Amazing Stories Dec 1948 Interior illos - several feature Good Girls in bondage - by J. Allen St. John, Thiede and Smith.

Argosy Pulp, Jan 31, 1925. Caroll John Daly story "The Gentleman from Hell". Also Hulbert Footner's "The Under Dogs" story. Illustrated with a woman chained to the floor by the wrist.

Detective Fiction Weekly Pulp. May 4,1935. High Grade (FN) Bondage illustration of a woman bound, gagged and blind folded.

Detective Short Stories Feb 38. Best issue of the series. Very hard to find. Wild bondage sadism inside. Brute about to pour hot liquid on nude woman.

Dime Mystery Magazine, September 1939, vol 21, #2. Popular Publications. Torture / Electrocution / Headlight cover. Nude, torture, bondage, interior drawings.

Eagle and the Wind 1959 Popular Library Edition. Bondage illustration on back cover.

Rainbow Books 356[All True Famous Outlaw Sheriff Battles by Hank Sterling;1954;.35 cover price;digest size(7 1/2" by 5 3/8")] Female bondage cover

Snappy Romances-May 1935 - The stories are a little more bizarre than those that appeared in the spicy titles. The interior art particularly the bondage art is absolutely fabulous.

Snappy Stories Pulp, April 35. Nice shape. Baseball cover, interior bondage illustration.

Who Dies There ? by James Duff. Graphic Mystery 134 1956 1st edition paperback. This hard to find Graphic Novel, features a sleazy front cover and a bondage back cover of a woman hand-cuffed

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