I can recommend the following sites for some interesting "damsels in distress" Comic Book, Detective Magazine, Paperback Book, or Men's Adventure Magazine covers.

Comic/Cartoon Captives Correspondence Group  You have to join the group to read it.  Members are instructed to keep content within the confines of a PG-13 rating, and the occasional inappropriate post is removed by the moderator.

Sleepycomics covers a wide range of comics, cartoons and manga featuring unconscious or helpless damsels. There are over 22,000 scans on the site. They asked nicely for a link, so I am giving one.

General Comic Sites

Digital Comics Museum has over 11,000 FREE public domain Golden Age Comics. To start downloading you must register for a free account.

Heritage Auction Galleries  You have to register to look at their permanent auction archives, but they are well worth it.  Their "All Sold" archives have high resolution (usually 300 dpi) cover scans of almost 875,000 items, focusing on comic books, pulps, and movie posters. This page includes an exhaustive listing of gay and lesbian comic book characters. While not particularly on topic for BCOTD, I have been promised that a bunch of kids in a youth center reading program will have a pizza day if I post this link. Beth and Susan, I hope your pizza is hot and tasty!

Movie Stills Identification Project

A friend of mine has a project to identify all of the photos included in the book Sadism in the Movies by George de Coulteray, published by the Medical Press in 1965. He's made a lot of progress over the years, but there are still some that elude him. Check out his progress at Sadism in the Movies and see if you can contribute anything. Make sure to read the notes.txt file at the top, and tell him Covers sent you!

Venna's Planet

"Venna's Planet" is a 70 page graphic novel published in September 2018. It's full of adventure and lots of damsels in distress. The author is a good friend of mine. Highly recommended! Here's a link to purchase your own copy.

Venna's Planet Book One--Broken Promise by Robin Evans 2018 Acorn Books

Venna's Planet Book Two 'Scorching Darkness' by Robin Evans Oct 2019 Acorn Books - available from Amazon now! Click here to check it out!

Venna's Planet Book Three: Peril in Prime City by Robin Evans Feb 2021Acorn Books - available from Amazon now! Click here to check it out!

Updated 2022-01-07